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Download Oxford Dictionary of New Words, 2nd edition

Title - Oxford Dictionary of New Words, 2nd edition

Elizabeth Knowles & Julia Elliott, "Oxford Dictionary of New Words, 2nd edition"
Oxford University Press l PDF l 742 Pages l 1 MB

Book Description :

This new edition presents Oxford's very latest research into new words in the language, telling the story of around 2,000 words and phrases prominent in the media or the public eye in the '80s and '90s. Covering words from all around the English-speaking world, it includes articles on Aga saga, Archie, Britpop, car bra, ecological footprint, feminazi, Japanimation, loved-up, mosh, Olestra, pink pound, waitron, youthism and zaitech. Each article explains the meaning of the word and uncovers the history behind its origin and use. The date of the earliest recorded usage of each word is given, along with any new derivatives it has generated. About 70% of the articles are entirely new to this edition, and 30% are revised or newly-written articles for words in the first edition which are still sufficiently prominent to warrant attention or which have acquired a new focus in recent years. Graphic icons are used throughout the text to show the areas of life in which each word is used, with icons ranging from business, the environment, health, and computing to popular culture, people and society, leisure and lifestyle, and sport.

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