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Download Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations

Title - Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations

Edward Kessler & Neil Wenborn, "Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations"
Cambridge University Press l PDF l 539 Pages l 5.3 MB

Book Description :

Judaism and Christianity have a relationship that is more than 2,000 years old. Since Jesus was a Jew, the religions share common roots, but relations have not always been friendly. Studying this evolving relationship is an interdisciplinary effort. This volume addresses "not only the theological, but also the philosophical, historical, sociological, and political dimensions of the ongoing encounter between Judaism and Christianity." The editors are the founding and executive director of the Cambridge Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations (Kessler) and a writer (Wenborn). They have assembled a team of international scholars who contributed the articles.

More than 700 alphabetical entries range in length from a few paragraphs to two or three pages. They include biographies (Aaron; Innocent III; Luther, Martin); events (Crusades, Holocaust); places (Jerusalem, Rome); publications and theology (Bible translations, modern English; Commentary); and broad ideas (Chosen people, Resurrection narratives). These examples only scratch the surface. The work is unique in its attempt to take concepts such as Consecration and Dialogue and examine them as they are used in Christian and Jewish contexts, searching for common threads. It also examines various world literatures, taking a look at the portrayal of Jesus and other Christian symbols by Yiddish writers and the fictional treatment of Jews in English literature. Music, Mysticism, and Myth receive similar treatment. The book also has an extensive bibliography and seven maps that show ancient Palestine; the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Russian, and British Empires; and modern Israel; and an extensive bibliography. There is a name index but unfortunately no subject index.

A Dictionary of Jewish Christian Relations provides a basis for the study of Jewish--Christian relations in a broader context than the usual theological realm. It is a valuable tool for academic religious studies collections.

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